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5 Tips On Establishing An Effective Morning Ritual

5 Tips On Establishing An Effective Morning Ritual


Your morning ritual sets you up for success. It sets the tone for your entire day and also gives you a chance to accomplish something. Checking things off your to-do list always feels great, doesn’t it?

Your routine can be as simple or profound as you want. The key is establishing something you can stick to and actually following through.

Here are our top tips on getting an effective morning ritual established.

What Is A Morning Ritual?

This means different things to different people. Some find the act of going about daily chores very soothing. If you make a point to be consciously mindful while you get ready for the day, this might be all the ritual you need.

Others might enjoy journaling or meditating. Going for a walk might be your ritual.

Overall, all of the things you do between the time you wake up and when you officially start your workday are a part of your morning ritual. Perhaps you start by making your bed, like Bianca Taylor suggests in her recent eBook. Then, you follow that with some breakfast, coffee, and a quick scroll through your socials. After that, it’s time for a shower or your skincare. Once that’s done, you get dressed, and off you go.

Now here are ideas for making mindfulness a deliberate part of this routine.

Making The Mundane Mindful

Chop wood, carry water. This is an Eastern concept that basically boils down to the way we let go and become our own observer as we go about routine tasks. It references the freedom we can sometimes feel in this state. It also points out that by consciously submitting to this idea, this state of mind, we become a participant in it. That makes it mindful.

You can apply this mentality to things as simple as brushing your teeth, walking the dog, or the way you clean up after breakfast.

Pay attention to any moments of joy, light feelings that move through you, and the motions your hands and body make as they do their work. Noticing small details can ground us in the moment and that’s another way to practice mindfulness.

In a way, you’re becoming conscious of going on ‘auto pilot’, and that gives the actions an added texture in your life.

Add One Small Act At A Time

If the above scenario of rise, eat, read and prep sounds like you, think about adding in a breathing exercise of 5 minutes of yoga in there somewhere. If you have a commute on public transportation, that’s a great time to journal. It’s probably not a good idea to try to add several things at once to an already busy morning, though.

You can always add and remove things later. The more you practice your routine, the more natural it will feel. That often makes room for a few extras.


Be Realistic While Challenging Yourself

You do want to challenge yourself in some way in your routine. However,  you don’t want to create a barrier that stops you in your tracks.

To do this, try avoiding things you know you struggle with. In a minute, we are going to suggest that you get up earlier. But, if getting up earlier is just not in your DNA, that’s not the tip for you! Instead, maybe you can shave off some time during your personal care routine or even add some mindfulness to it. Be flexible and come up with solutions.

When you want to push yourself a little, make a list of things you wish you were better at. Take a step back, think broadly and generally, and factor one into your routine!

If you can wake up an hour earlier than you’re used to, it might literally change your life. Give it a try, you’ll find all this time you never knew you needed!

Try Journaling

If you can find 10 minutes somewhere in your morning, then you can journal. There are endless ways to actually do this, from writing in a notebook to making a daily inspo post on your IG. The goal isn’t so much to be able to look back and see your own growth, although that’s also powerful. The objective is to let your mind be still while you write in a way called free association.

If that feels a bit strange for you, that’s ok! You can still benefit from journaling even if you just think about something and write out what comes up for you. In other words, whether you edit yourself or not, you’ll still gain some mindful experience out of the task.

Tie Mindfulness To Supplements

One of our team members shared an awesome idea the other day and it really hit home. She shared that she makes the act of taking her daily supplements mindful! Her method is to be conscious of the feeling of each bottle in her hands and the sensation of taking each product. She says out loud what intentions she has for them and also expresses gratitude for how they help her feel good.

If you’re taking something like our Harmonize CBD, we added some delicious citrus scents and a lightly sweet flavor to give you something additional to focus on. The glass bottle is very tactile, as well.

By the way, substitute taking your supplements for ANY part of your morning routine and try this tip. It can work in a variety of situations. It actually gives us a nice little formula for a mindfulness exercise in general: notice, appreciate, intend, give thanks.

NAIGT! Ok, maybe that doesn’t really work. We’ll mess around with that one. 😀

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