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A Free Mindfulness Affirmation To Boost Your Mantra Game!

A Free Mindfulness Affirmation To Boost Your Mantra Game!

Are you using mantras and affirmations in your mindfulness practice? These tools are great ways to stay focused. Just like journaling, they remind us to actively participate in our own growth as well as the pursuit of our personal joy.

Mantras can take many forms, including simply a sound or word that we repeat in order to attain a deeper meditative state. However, the kind of mantra we’re talking about today is like an affirmation.

Affirmations are statements we make to ourselves that serve a purpose and help direct our consious mind. They’re also an amazing form of positive self talk.

Why Are Mantras And Affirmations Useful?

Not only does it feel good to use affirmations, but scientific studies do note their effectiveness.

One of the key psychological theories behind positive affirmations is self-affirmation theory (Steele, 1988). So, yes, there are empirical studies based on the idea that we can maintain our sense of self-integrity by telling ourselves (or affirming) what we believe in positive ways.

Very briefly, self-integrity relates to our global self-efficacy—our perceived ability to control moral outcomes and respond flexibly when our self-concept is threatened (Cohen & Sherman, 2014). So, we as humans are motivated to protect ourselves from these threats by maintaining our self-integrity.

Getting Right To The Good Stuff

We could go on and on about why we love affirmations. However, we want to give you a new tool right away. Let’s take a look at our free mindfulness affirmation right now.

My attention is a powerful force and helps me tune my consciousness to my true, authentic self.
I am aware of all the things around me. I use this awareness to appreciate the wonder in life. The emotions I feel do not control me, but they help me recognize ways I can best align myself with who I truly am. Negative emotions are simply indicators that reveal things that are out of alignment with my core self. Positive feelings guide me toward more similar experiences which nurture my highest self. I am grateful for this awareness and actively work to nurture it every day.

How To Use Skara’s Free Mindfulness Affirmation In The Most Effective Way

The most effective way to use this affirmation is to make it work for you. That said, we do have some suggetsions.

  • Repeat this affirmation in the morning so you program your day with positivity.
  • Use it anytime you start to feel disconnected or need a little hope.
  • Start your daily meditation by saying this mantra out loud, or repeat it as you meditate.
  • Save the graphic version below as your wallpaper on your computer and mobile devices.
  • Tweak it by adding or removing things so it’s a custom affirmation for you!

However you use it, we hope this affirmation brings more harmony and joy into your daily life.

Remember that you have more influence on the way you experience reality than you might think. Open your heart to the wonder around you and pay grateful attention to the gifts life has to offer. This helps us bring even more of that vibrational energy into our lives!

Have a great day! But before you go…

Here’s A Handy Graphic Version For You!

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