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Buy Safe CBD Online – A How To Guide

Buy Safe CBD Online – A How To Guide

Choice is a good thing, but only when you understand the metrics involved. When it comes to the online CBD market, there are so many choices it’s paralyzing.

Should you shop by price? Are there safety concerns? How do you know which products are the highest quality?

We want to explain what makes Skara CBD products different and encourage you to try them for yourself. However, we’re also here to educate you about how to shop safely for CBD products online. Even if you don’t choose our Harmonize oils, we want to give you some insider info.

How Are Skara Harmonize Oils Different?

Our products hit all of the hallmarks we go over below: they’re safe, we’re transparent, and they’re sourced here in the USA. But that’s not all that sets Skara apart.

We spent time in research and development to come up with products that are workhorses. They still embody the spirit of our brand which is all about being aligned, expansive, harmonized, and no-nonsense.

They’re no-nonsense because the same oil works topically and when you ingest it. That means you only need one oil for your face, body, sublingual application, and to add to food and drinks. We really wanted to streamline your CBD experience and make it more accessible.

They’re expansive, in part, because people reach for CBD to bring their bodies and minds into alignment. When CBD does its thing, we’re in a better position to do our best as well. But we wanted to take that a step further by adding a few subtle ingredients to our oils that enhance your user experience.

Both versions of our Harmonize oil contain a subtle sweetness from agave and a gentle but heady influence from orange essence. The rich hemp carrier oil is full of vitamin E to nourish your skin.

We’ve also done everything we can to prove our trustworthiness to potential customers. Let’s talk more about that in the next section.

Buy Safe CBD Online By Checking For Quality

It’s a jungle out there and some vendors just aren’t trustworthy. How can you protect yourself? By looking for results and transparency.

One of the first things we recommend is checking the website you’re ordering from for a few key components.

  • Lab results from a 3rd party entity;
  • A statement of compliance with THC level regulations for all full-spectrum products;
  • Source information explaining where the CBD comes from; and
  • Customer testimonials that sound legit.

What About Lab Results?

Any CBD you take should be 3rd party lab tested. Companies that are transparent will give you information about this and even supply the tests so you can review them. You’ll find this information on our website and should expect it from others as well.

Results will tell you how much CBD is in the product. If it’s a full-spectrum product, the results will verify the level of THC present as well. You can also learn more about the cannabinoid profile in the product you’re taking from these results.

Buy Safe CBD Online By Checking For THC Level Compliance

Full-Spectrum hemp products can’t contain more than 0.3% THC in the cannabinoid profile. That’s a requirement set by law that manufacturers and vendors must comply with. Verifying this information ensures that the company you’re doing business with is operating in the full confines of the law.

You’ll find this information in the lab results or clearly stated on the company’s website.

Check Sourcing To Buy Safe CBD Online

We’re not here to tell you that CBD flower coming from outside the USA is inherently bad. What we do believe is that companies that chose US-grown CBD hemp are supporting the fledgling hemp economy here in this country. It also ensures some level of involvement or oversight into the supply chain that brings hemp from the farm to your cabinet.

Choosing USA cultivated hemp as the source for our CBD was a no-brainer.

Can You Trust Testimonials?

One of the Skara team members is a copywriter and we’re going to share a little insider information with you. Some testimonials online are bought and paid for. You can’t believe everything you read, even on platforms like Amazon.

Writers are often paid to review products sometimes without ever actually trying them out. It’s not a pretty part of the business and one that we denounce completely.

There are some things you can look for when vetting reviews, however.

Be skeptical of any reviews that repeat the product name too many times. That’s a way to keyword stuff and it’s usually a sign that the author is following some guidelines instead of writing an honest review. This same thing goes for repeating the type of product over and over. If the writing seems unnatural or even a bit robotic, be wary.

Look for reviews that have different structures. If all of the reviews on the page seem to follow the same format, this is another red flag.

The last giveaway is word count. Are all the reviews basically the exact same length? None are short and sweet? You should expect to see a couple of one or two-line reviews among longer narratives on a genuine testimonial page.

Will You Trust Us?

We hope you feel more secure about ordering from our webshop but also about ordering CBD online in general. In fact, you can use the info about testimonials to vet reviews for any product.

If you’ve purchased from us before, please let us know what you thought of our products. You can get in touch through our website and our social media. We love connecting with extended members of the Skara family.

—> If you’re new to the Skara fam, try Harmonize and give your body the support it needs to make the most of your wellness practices.

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