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Can I Take CBD For Coronavirus Protection?

Can I Take CBD For Coronavirus Protection?

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Supplements and holistic health aides are in high demand right now, but can CBD help protect you from the coronavirus?

This article about cannabis and COVID in Forbes suggests that cannabis compounds might have a beneficial effect!

Remember that CBD research is still in its infancy. Because of this, we don’t make claims about what CBD can do. However, we’re personally keeping our CBD use on point because of how it makes us feel. Feeling good and keeping our bodies in harmony feels like the right choice during these challenging times.

CBD For Coronavirus? CBD Balancing

You know we’re all about harmony and the positive effect a balanced life has on your health and wellbeing. Many people, including us, take CBD because it helps us feel balanced. Although there are few hard and fast facts about CBD’s medicinal value, we listen to how we feel.

There is some scientific research that shows our bodies make their own substances that attach to our cannabinoid receptors. These substances are called endocannabinoids. CBD is a plant-sourced cannabinoid, but the body appears to recognize it. By taking CBD, you’re attempting to influence the natural balance of endocannabinoids that are in your body already.

These endocannabinoids are powerful and still mysterious. They are involved in a variety of bodily functions including the immune system.

Placebo Effect’s Role In Supplementing With CBD For Coronavirus

Let’s say that CBD isn’t doing anything for your body at all. We donat believe that, but for the sake of argument let’s follow this thread for a second.

When you commit to doing something for yourself that you perceive as beneficial, that is a form of self-care. Self-care is a powerful way to extend positivity and kindness to yourself. This kind of affirmation is beneficial.

Furthermore, there is something called the placebo effect that potentially has connections to the mind/body link. Scientists understand that when a patient or test subject believes something will help them, they often experience positive effects. This can be true even when the treatment itself is nothing more than a sugar pill.

Luckily, our Harmonize oils are full of great ingredients like citrus extracts and vitamin E rich plant oils. Our Full-Spectrum Harmonize also includes other potentially beneficial cannabinoids. Therefore, we’ve created a cocktail of good stuff that pleases the mind and body.

We firmly believe that science will soon show the incredible benefits CBD bestows on the body. However, until then, we feel confident recommending our Harmonize oils as multi-tasking products that promote a balanced life.

Antioxidants And The Immune System

Additionally, vitamin E is an antioxidant. There is promising reason to believe that CBD has antioxidant properties as well. Antioxidants slow the natural effects of aging and cellular deterioration.

Until CBD’s antioxidant properties are proven beyond a doubt, you have to decide its role in your immune system support.

Can you tell we’re enthusiastically awaiting additional research? We know that many of you are too.

Making A Connection To CBD For Coronavirus Related Anxiety

Finally, there’s the question of CBD and stress. We’ve written about this before and linked you to a lot of information about how the medical profession uses CBD in connection with things like PTSD and anxiety conditions. This treatment is still experimental, however.

It seems possible that CBD could reduce the perception of stress. Patients with anxiety conditions report that they feel better when they take CBD.

Taking Care Of Yourself

The bottom line is more CBD research is necessary. That’s true in general and even more as it relates to COVID-19. The scientific community is still trying to figure out exactly how this virus works and how to fight it in general.

Although the truth isn’t clear right now, we certainly encourage you to try our CBD for yourself. We hope our transparency here helps you feel more confident and informed about your choices.

Our goal is always to help you feel good. If Skara Harmonize is a part of that process for you, that makes our day.

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