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Can You Take Too Much CBD? – Cannabidiol Dosing

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

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CBD products are popular because people see Cannabidiol as a safe, plant-based wellness option. CBD’s ability to balance the body also casts a wide net. This single substance improves wellness in a number of ways simultaneously. All the positive press can cause some critical thinkers to wonder, is this too good to be true?

We want to assure you that CBD is not too good to be true. Instead of just telling you all the amazing ways it helps people feel amazing, we’re talking about potential problems with Cannabidiol. Can you overdose on CBD? Does CBD cause any side effects? Thankfully, both scenarios are extremely unlikely. 

Can You Take Too Much CBD? First, What’s Cannabidiol?

We have in-depth information about what CBD is in a separate post on our blog. For now, let’s just refresh our understanding or give a brief overview.

Cannabidiol is an organic substance hemp creates naturally. It is one of many cannabinoids the plant makes and is completely non-intoxicating. 

CBD affects signal transmission in the body because it interacts with something called our Endocannabinoid System. Through its interaction with the receptors, enzymes, and neurotransmitters within this system, it exerts a number of effects on other body systems. 

For instance, some people use CBD for a balanced digestive system. Others take CBD to improve their mood or reduce their anxiety. Many people turn to CBD for pain relief. This single cannabinoid can influence many different physical processes.

How To Take CBD

Just as this cannabinoid can do many things for the body, there are many ways to take it. Some people use CBD orally, ingesting it in a tincture that suspends CBD in other oils or alcohol. This type of CBD is often taken under the tongue, a few drops at a time.

Similarly, candies, cookies, and even savory foods can contain CBD. By eating these like any other food, you can digest CBD. In this way, it enters the bloodstream just like a vitamin or supplement.

CBD infused creams, salves, and body oils are also popular. These products penetrate the skin topically, delivering CBD into a local area. Eventually, topical CBD can also make its way through the body.

Other people choose to take CBD orally by vaping it, either with electric vape cartridges or a variety of vaporizers in other forms.

Each type of product lists dosing guidelines that are well under the maximum amount of safe CBD use. If you stay within these guidelines, you shouldn’t experience any problems. But, what happens if you exceed those doses?

Can You Take Too Much CBD If You Exceed Recommended Doses?

According to some research, you actually can exceed ‘safe’ levels of CBD. However, it takes an extreme amount of the substance and this isn’t something you’re likely to do accidentally. There are essentially two levels of side effects or symptoms you may experience if you ‘overdose’ on CBD. The first set is extremely mild and poses no significant health risk.

Extremely large doses of CBD can cause more serious complications, but the necessary levels to pose any danger require an almost deliberate intent to overdose. Other potential risk factors for overconsumption could involve children or adults who don’t understand a candy or oil contains CBD.

Furthermore, the research that points to overdose complications is sparse and hardly rises to the level of sound, tried and tested scientific study.

Small Preliminary Open Pilot Study Regarding Cannabidiol And  Movement Disorders, 1986 

In this study performed in 1986, researchers administered steadily increasing doses of Cannabidiol to patients with movement disorders involving involuntary muscle contractions. The doses began at 100 mg and rose to 600 mg per day.

The study found condition improvement at all doses and only minor side effects at higher doses.

Side-effects of CBD were mild and included hypotension, dry mouth, psychomotor slowing, lightheadedness, and sedation. 

Most people are not taking anywhere near 600 mg per day of CBD. In fact, doing so goes against the recommendation on most CBD product packaging.

Current Drug Safety Study, 2011

This single study reviewed other available research to compare dosage safety. It found that Cannabidiol doses up to 1,500 mgs are well tolerated in the research available at the time. If you compare this to the dosage guidelines on your CBD products, you’ll find them well under that threshold. 

In human studies, CBD administration did not induce side effects across a wide range of dosages, including acute and chronic dose regimens, and tolerance to CBD did not develop. – Current Drug Safety Study, 2011, cited above.

Furthermore, the literature review evaluated studies into chronic CBD use and also found no signs of “toxicity or serious side effects.”

Even the online magazine Bustle calls CBD safe and notes only minor side effects like “diarrhea, changes in appetite, and fatigue,” at higher doses. 

Can You Take Too Much CBD? How To Take CBD Safely

The safest way to take CBD is to follow all guidelines on the packaging your CBD came in. If you’re a Harmonize user, just take this CBD quiz to nail your perfect dose! We made it easy for you to sidestep the guesswork.

Start with the lowest dose and gradually work your way up to the higher end of the recommended span, if you feel you need to.

If you start to feel fatigued or experience any of the other symptoms we reference here, dial your dosage back, take a break, or just stop using CBD.

However, since so many people enjoy CBD as a part of their wellness regime, don’t be afraid to give it a try. If you are on medication or have any serious underlying medical conditions, it’s always a great idea to talk with your doctor before taking any supplements.

We hope this article helps you feel more secure about trying CBD for yourself! 

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