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Curious Cultivation: Why We Find Peace In Plants

Curious Cultivation: Why We Find Peace In Plants

Quick question- do you or someone you know have dozens of houseplants crammed into their studio or one-bedroom apartment? There’s a huge possibility you just said yes. What’s up with that?

The world is experiencing a houseplant craze the likes of which hasn’t occurred since the 1970s. It’s one of the hottest genres on social media. Scores of plant influencers sprung up seemingly overnight. Once ordinary plants are selling for hefty prices.

“Rare plants” sell for even more. Just search the term ‘rare wet stick’ on eBay for a glimpse into the stranglehold plants suddenly have on us.

Why do we find such peace in plants? Is there really something to gain from cultivating them, or is this whole trend a manifestation of consumer culture?

Find Peace In Plants: Self-Care Or Consumerism?

The houseplant hobby checks nearly all the boxes. There is a collectible aspect that can trigger consumerism. However, you can avoid that by making friends within the hobby and participating in plant swaps where you trade cuttings.

Beyond that, houseplants are peaceful. They beautify your home. When you keep plants, you bring a little nature into your space and can feel more in tune with the earth.

Plants give you something to care for, as well. They don’t require the same care as a pet, but they need attention, food, water, and the right conditions to thrive.

In these ways, plants contribute passively to our sense of wellbeing. But the benefits go deeper than that.

Find Peace In Plants: Mindful Planting

With a little deliberate thought, you’ll see more philosophical benefits to keeping plants in your home.

For instance, plants absorb water, raw nutrients, and sunlight and transmute them into physical growth. Their environment directly contributes to what they become. It’s not so different from our lives when you think about it.

Although plants aren’t mobile and don’t appear to communicate, some evidence suggests they do give and receive feedback from the world around them. This hints at the magic of the unknown qualities of nature and invites us to question what we consider ‘awareness.’

Plants offer some reflection fodder for us through how they deal with stress as well. Various forms of stress can prompt plants to bloom or even have a burst of growth. Hoya and Crotons particularly often show beautiful colors when exposed to high light levels. Although this is a way the plant regulates photosynthesis, their growth explosions hint that we may also grow after uncomfortable periods.

Find Peace In Plants: Care Is Soothing

As we take care of our plants and watch them grow, we share many peaceful moments. If you have plants in your home, you might find watering and maintenance to be a welcome chore.

It gives us something to focus on and clears our mind from worry.

It’s difficult to be bored with a house full of plants that each require a little attention to thrive.

Get Some Nature Inside

Bringing the outside in creates an oasis atmosphere, potentially improves the air quality indoors, and lets us decorate with nature. Just looking at a room full of plants can bring joy, especially when flowers are involved.

This could be a reason why green walls are becoming so popular. It’s exotic and lush and speaks to something deep within us.

Try Planting!

If you don’t have plants in your life, now is the perfect time to grab a few and see if they contribute to your self-care and improve your mood. Because indoor gardening is so popular right now, you’ll find plants literally everywhere from your grocery store to many shops online.

Not sure how to care for them? There’s a massive social media community dedicated to plant care just waiting to be discovered. You can make friends while you learn.

Skara Is Plant-Powered

Finally, we want to give a little shout out to plants and what they mean to us at Skara. Because we offer CBD products, we literally couldn’t exist without plants. Some of the team members take it a step further and live a vegan lifestyle as well.

So plants bring peace in many ways and arguably have a lot to teach us. The journey is beautiful and rewarding.




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