Customer Care

Skara is locally grown and processed in the United States. We provide all-natural, full-spectrum and CBD isolate packed in products that you can incorporate into your daily routine for an alternative, contemporary take on well-being. We are required by law to ensure there is less than .03% THC and will guarantee this in all of our products.

With Skara you can trust what you put in and on your body as we provide all tests on the site. For any comments, questions, concerns, email us at, [email protected]

Privacy and Safety

Your privacy is of the highest importance to us, so take the time to read over our detailed privacy policy and terms and conditions found in the links at the bottom of the site. We follow strict GDPR and Controlled Substances Act guidelines to ensure we abide by federal standards to ensure you are in a place you can trust.

Wholesale Inquiries

To become a wholesaler, email [email protected] with the subject: “Wholesale Inquiry.” You will be sent an email with information and instructions to get started on your journey for becoming a distributor, or selling our products in your stores.