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Fall Self-Care Tips to Promote Happiness

Although autumn started in September, we are finally starting to see the changes. The leaves are falling off of the trees and the weather is slowly getting colder. However, as the temperatures drop, so can your mood.

For some people, fall is an indicator that they may begin to start feeling the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Meanwhile, for others, it could be the complete opposite. Cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and the holidays are just a few reasons that make fall their favorite season.

Whether you love fall or hate it, here is a list of some self-care tips to help anyone bring a little bit of joy into their lives.

Embrace Fall Activities

If you are someone who suffers from SAD, trying to make the most out of fall and winter is crucial. This will help you to associate more positive feelings with cold weather instead of having a negative view of it.

This is the time to embrace drive-in movies, pumpkin patches, hiking, cabins, and much more. You may find that doing these things can slightly change your opinion on fall.

This is also the time to embrace how the cold weather changes some activities, but not always for the worst. While the cold and the snow can make doing some things almost impossible, there are some that you can still do.

For example, for people who love to do yoga outside, consider doing hot yoga instead. You’ll still be doing an activity that you love while not letting the cold impede your hobbies.

Improve a Bad Habit

Self-care means taking care of all aspects of your health and well-being—mental, physical, and emotional. This includes breaking bad habits that affect your well-being and forming new, healthy ones.

Bad habits can encompass many different things. Maybe it’s the amount of wine you consume or not getting help during times of stress. Try to identify your bad habits and motivate yourself to set goals that will help you improve them.

Taking productive steps when it comes to your health can make you feel happy because you know that you’re going to come out better afterward. This could entail meeting with an online psychiatrist before your stress gets you to the point of a breakdown or refraining from buying more wine despite the temptation to do so around the holidays.

Not only that but being able to bask in the tangible results is also great. For example, getting clearer skin, after changing a bad habit such as eating too much fast food can easily boost your confidence and happiness.

Relax With an At-Home Date

Don’t underestimate the power a nice, chill day at home can have! And yes, as you get older, you have to make a day of it because there is always some “responsibility” that tries to make you leave your comfort.

As long as it’s not pressing, save the obligations for another day and just relax in your home. As it’s fall, the first and most crucial part of this is your cozy outfit. The next is the food. Soups and comfort food are always good options. Follow it up with some movies and a thick blanket to really nail the fall aesthetic.

For additional relaxation, draw a warm bath and put on your favorite chill playlist. Use some Epsom salt and CBD oil during your bath time to help reduce stress and ease your mind and body. 

End the day with a good night’s rest using lavender spray on the pillows to promote calmness and make sure to warm your room to the perfect temperature. You’ll be surprised how well-rested you’ll wake up the next day after your at-home day.

Consider Volunteering

Is volunteering self-care? Absolutely! Self-care is anything that makes you happy and reduces stress. So, if doing nice things for other people brings you happiness, then this tip is for you!

While you can volunteer year-round, giving back during the holiday season brings a different type of joy. Around this time, a lot of people struggle for various reasons. Whether that is due to financial constraints or feelings of loneliness, the holidays (and fall overall) can be very difficult.

Taking time out of your day, for however long, can change someone’s life. There are tons of volunteer opportunities out there, and you just have to know where to look. There are commonly known organizations like Meals on Wheels and Habitat for Humanity that always have volunteer opportunities available.

You can even reach out to contacts at your job to see if they know of or participate in any local charities or drives.

Whether you love fall or not, your happiness is important. With the help of these tips, you should be on your way to a better season. If you’d like more self-care advice, check out a few Skara e-books to give you some direction.

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