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Taken Orally

Food-safe ingredients including agave and orange oils make Harmonize a delicious sensory experience when taken orally or sublingually. All ingredients are completely edible.

Used Topically

Prefer to use Harmonize as a skincare or a body product? Nourishing hemp oil and vitamin E pampers the skin while CBD gently penetrates your body’s largest organ.

The Importance of Mindful Relaxation

Harmonize Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is a versatile cure for chaos.
When you’re feeling stressed, unbalanced, out of sorts, or just need to perform your best, our oils come to the rescue. Because all the ingredients are food-safe and packed with skin-nourishing hemp oil and vitamin E, you can use them on your skin or ingest them.

People turn to our CBD oils when they feel out of balance, want to improve their mood, need to relax, or have trouble sleeping.

If your skin is dry and lifeless, rejuvenate it by adding Harmonize to your skincare routine.

CBD oils are popular with people experiencing chronic pain and anxiety.

because our products are made to eat and massage into skin, they’re ideal to pair with a relaxing massage or in the bath. Enjoy the luscious scent of citrus oil as you absorb the high-quality CBD through your skin

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Live in Harmony

what makes us different?

Harmonize Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Products
Contain all the active compounds in the hemp plant to create a holistic supplement that casts a wide wellness net. Experience the Entourage Effect! Harmonize FSHE contains no more than .3% of THC by law.

Harmonize THC Free

Contains 97% > CBD Isolate for those who want to stay away from THC. It’s like taking a CBD Vitamin giving you piece of mind and a concentrated dose of CBD. Harmonize THCF oil contains no more than .3% of THC by law.

That’s how our two flagship products are different, but the ways they’re the same are also special. Both formulas source ingredients from the USA, are third-party lab tested, and give you the ultimate control. You choose how to use them- either sublingually, inside your favorite beverage, on your skin. With Harmonize, there’s no need to clutter your cupboards with multiple products geared for different applications.
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Hi, we’re the executive team behind Skara. Each one of us is a self-made, forward-thinking person who overcame challenges to strive for harmony in all aspects of our lives. As we moved through each phase of our lives that brought us to this moment, we learned that strong connections, a service-minded focus, and prioritized self-care can transform people’s lives. We’re each examples of this and we cultivate these qualities every day.

We aren’t perfect. We’re real people just like you and we want to connect with and inspire you to feel good and do great things. We hope you’ll find tools here that help you feel great about who you are and that help you cope with a world that doesn’t always seem to value you. As we learn how to practice gratitude and truly see oursevles and each other, we will grow as people.

CBD products have helped us in so many ways, and we knew we had to find a transparent, sustainable, versatile way to make CBD available to people of all walks of life. As Skara grows, we’ll focus more and more on giving back so we’re making a beneficial impact on our communities and the world.

We’re so glad you’re here.


How To Activate Harmony With Mindfulness
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“I’ve learned that drive and passion lead to success and personal pride. When you feel good about yourself, you want to help others achieve great things as well.”

Jordan Jones

“I want to be able to build companies that can grow strong financially so that we can give back.”

Bianca Taylor

“I see Skara as a leader in cutting-edge health and beauty products. Because I love technology and self-optimization, finding the latest products is more a hobby and passion than just a profit-seeking goal.”

Patrick Lauritz

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