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How To Handle Alienation: Monday Meditation Prompt (MMP)

How To Handle Alienation: Monday Meditation Prompt (MMP)

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You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here. – Alan W. Watts

Do you ever feel like a fish out of water? Everyone around you seems so different from you. You don’t fit in, or you feel like you’re out of sync with what’s happening in the world.

That feels like the spirit of this quote to us and we’re here to explore it deeper in this Monday Meditation Prompt.

How To Handle Alienation And Self Consciousness

Self-consciousness sounds like a great thing and it can be. However, it can strangle us as well. If we become so focused on ourselves that we feel bizarre, weird, wrong, and out of touch, it can be hard to act. This is especially toxic for creative people or those who work a job that takes them in front of the public.

This dovetails really well with Imposter Syndrom too. That’s the moment you sometimes have where you feel completely unprepared or unskilled and can’t believe everyone hasn’t noticed that you’ve no idea what you’re doing.

We all have that. Highly driven, successful leaders feel it even more. But Imposter Syndrom can creep into regular life as well.

You start feeling… wrong. Everyone else seems to have things so easy but you’re struggling. Your mood is erratic but others seem so pulled together.

Nobody has it pulled together! People who do the best at this pulled together thing are actually just in touch with and living according to their authentic truth.

How To Handle Alienation: You Belong Here

What is that authentic truth, anyway? First of all, it’s that you’re not weird. Or, everyone is weird. We’re totally different and completely the same. None of these words really mean anything. It’s all perspective and perspective is a fluid thing that changes no matter what direction you look at it from.

You are not a stranger here.

Does that bring up a wave of emotion for you? I experience that when I read it. I become overwhelmed with a feeling of relief, of home. It gives me permission to stop checking myself against others or feeling like I’m not doing ‘enough’ in the ‘right’ way.

You didn’t come into this world, you came out of it.

You are this world. Your consciousness is a point of energy that, one way or another depending on your beliefs, came together and became what and who you are.

It’s made up of the same stuff the universe is made up of. Matter cannot be created or destroyed.

You are a unique manifestation of the components and energy the universe runs on.

You came out of it.

How To Handle Alienation: Who You Really Are

All that energy and matter culminated into the you that walks around and experiences life. that manifestation developed opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. When it chooses between two things, it feels better or worse. More or less aligned.

Living authentically is choosing what makes you feel better, more aligned, all the time. It’s a tall order and hard to get 100% of the time. But, the more you do it, the better you’ll feel. The more effortlessly you’ll move through life, too.

When you continually act in ways that support your authentic self, you’ll experience less Imposter Syndrome. When you do experience alienation, you can remember that nobody is exactly like you and yet everyone is like you. We are all just moving through this life trying to feel good or do the right thing.

There often is no right thing, so choose joy. Chase joy.

You are not a stranger here.

Workshopping This In Your Life

If you work with this quotation in your meditative space, let thoughts and emotions come and go and feel the waves crash around you. Take note of areas that make you feel uncomfortable, that’s something to work on. Embrace areas that make you feel relieved and loved, those moments point to your universal truth and authentic self.

We think this is a great quote to journal on. Write freely about what comes to mind when you read it.

You’re Already Home

I hope this prompt helps you feel warm, welcome, and loved. I hope it inspires you in your life and can be an anchor when you feel like an outsider.

You are not a stranger here. You’re already home.


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