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How To Manage Stress With Meditation And Mindfulness. Reclaim Your Peace!

How To Manage Stress With Meditation And Mindfulness. Reclaim Your Peace!

Life is stressful and we can only control our reactions to the world around us. Although that may seem difficult, it’s actually empowering. This is especially true when you learn and implement a few simple tricks to self-soothe.

These mindful coping mechanisms can free your mind from cyclical and intrusive thoughts. They also help keep you grounded and centered.

When Stress Hits…

There are so many things in our lives that we cannot change. Serenity is often the only way to release ourselves from the pressure we often feel.

Stress affects everyone differently, but it’s common to feel a tightness in your chest, feel your heart rate speed up, experience numbness in your limbs, or be unable to focus on tasks. Over time, stress can negatively affect our health.

We are all about doing whatever you can to manage your stress levels in the moment as well as cultivating systems of behavior that help you relax regularly. Give your body a break!

The first thing we advocate is taking care of your health. You can support your body by eating well, staying hydrated, sticking to a sleep schedule, and taking supplements like vitamin B and CBD.

You can address your stress levels through meditation and mindfulness as well.

Manage Stress With Meditation

Can you set aside 10 minutes every day to meditate? This practice can have a profound effect on your overall stress levels. It provides a mental break from worry and the overwhelm that we often feel.

If you find it difficult to meditate conventionally, there are many ways to tailor the practice to your ability levels.

Simple Meditation Tricks

Listening to calming music for 10 minutes while you stay mindful and don’t attach to any thoughts that flow through your awareness is a form of meditation. Most people find this relatively easy to do because it’s largely passive. You can’t do it wrong, just try it!

Alternatively, you can work with a focal point like a candle flame, running water, or even a calming nature video. Your goal is to breathe deeply, evenly, and let your mind be still. It’s ok if you’re still having thoughts. When they come, notice them but let them pass.

Mantras or affirmations can also be helpful when meditating. Repeating a certain set of sounds or phrases keep your mind occupied and hold those racing thoughts at bay. We recommend choosing empowering, positive phrases or sounds that make you feel good. Some people like to visualize their vibrational frequency-changing while they repeat their mantras.

Something as simple as taking a walk, some quick yoga, or doing some chores while focusing on rhythmic breathing is another way to get meditative. You don’t have to sit still and close your eyes to find some inner peace.

Manage Stress With Meditation In The Moment

What if stress bombards you at work or on a flight? Can you close your eyes and repeat a favorite mantra a few times while working on your breathing?

Say a prayer that resonates with your faith, hum a tune softly to yourself, picture a time when you felt blissful and at peace, or even do some busy work you’ve been putting off. Dial down the external stimulation as much as you can and go inward, seeking the peace that resides within you like the still face of a serene lake.

In fact, many people literally picture calm waters, gentle sunshine, or anything that helps you feel aligned.

Try all of these suggestions and see what works best for you. Just don’t be afraid to take a moment when you need it. You’ll be more productive once you push the anxiety aside.

Mindfulness Is A Stress Buster

If you’re practicing mindfulness regularly, your stress levels will respond positively. Being mindful requires some attention. You notice patterns, gently observe your own behavior and the behavior of others without judgment.

You also notice small moments of beauty, acts of kindness, and the way your body feels when you’re at peace.

The more you embrace mindfulness the calmer you’ll be overall.

All of your self-care routines can also become part of your mindful lifestyle. While you go through the motions of your self-care, remind yourself that you do this to show love and respect for yourself. If you can practice mindfulness and attentive focus during simple tasks like brushing your teeth and applying your skincare, you turn them into mini-meditations.

What If I Have An Anxiety Or Stress Disorder

It would be ridiculously abelist of us to ignore the fact that meditation and mindfulness can’t cure all mental health challenges. If you’re struggling, talk to someone who can help and make sure you’re following the health plan your medical professionals recommend.

You’ll probably find that your doctor or therapist is a fan of mindfulness and meditation as a companion to whatever behavioral techniques and coping skills they’ve already recommended!

While meditation and mindfulness might not be enough to manage your stress on their own, they’re a vital part of your overall mental health regime.

Manage Stress With Meditation And Mindfulness By Making YOU A Priority

The main thing we hope you take away from this blog is that you deserve to feel good and it’s ok to take a moment to reset yourself when your stress levels rise. We sometimes feel like we have to push through things and be strong, but true strength is honoring yourself and working through the things that challenge you.

What tactics do you use regularly to help manage your stress levels?

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