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Looking For Online Meditations For Quarantine?

Looking For Online Meditations For Quarantine?

How’s everybody doing out there? We’re sending massive vibes of good energy your way, but we know the self-isolating grind is taking its toll on a lot of you.

In the beginning, there was a mix of fear and maybe even a little enjoyment for some people at the thought of kicking back and relaxing for a while. The super social among us maybe felt anxious and unsure about how to keep occupied.

By now, we’re figured out how to do our jobs by email and video conference. We’ve watched Tiger King twice and either totally cleaned or completely destroyed our houses. We’ve realized that constantly refreshing our social media feeds is potentially making us more anxious.

The current normal is a weird mix of ‘what now,’ boredom, and a slightly unsettling acceptance of the status quo.

That’s part of the coping process and it’s normal. In fact, what you’re feeling is ok no matter where you are in the story arch of quarantine. But we want to help and that’s why we created Skara Saturdays.

What’s Skara Saturdays? More Than Just Online Meditations For Quarantine

Skara Saturdays is our commitment to holding space for friends and family to get together and get in touch with themselves. It’s an oasis in these crazy times and an opportunity to put down the tumultuous feelings you might be experiencing.

If you’re feeling awesome already, you’ll find an extra shot of energy from the collective after joining Amanda and Bianca for some mindful practice and a follow-up Q&A on Zoom.

Literally, Skara Saturdays is a free weekly online mindfulness session that you log into from home. And it’s a little different each week.

About Amanda And Bianca

Many of you already know about our two powerful Skara Saturdays hosts, but in case you’re new to the family, here are the details.

Amanda Sevilla is a registered dietitian and yoga instructor who walks us through one of her favorite mindfulness practices each week. They might be full-body relations or even chakra cleansing but they’re always full of brightness and clarity.

Amanda is joined by Bianca Taylor, one of the founding members of the Skara team and plant-based fitness warrior. You may recognize Bianca from @veganfitnesscom and @vedgenutrition – two businesses she runs along with Skara.

These two women are amazing entrepreneurs who are all about promoting harmony and plant-powered wellness.

How To Join Our Online Meditations For Quarantine

You’ll find a group of like-minded people logged in to experience some mindful wellness with Amanda and Bianca every Saturday at 12:00 PM. It’s totally free. There’s no obligation to buy anything from Skara or shout us out on your socials.

It would be awesome if you helped us spread the word, though. We’re really excited about this new way to build our community and help people find people to connect with. We might be distancing, but we can still be social.

Stay tuned via our email list and Instagram for links to each weekly session.

After registering via the link you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. It’s as easy as that!

Will We See You At The Next Skara Saturday?

Will you help us build something awesome and join us this Saturday?

We’re so much stronger together.

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