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Physical Problems Caused By Stress

Physical Problems Caused By Stress

If you’ve ever experienced intense or persistent stress, you know it can affect your physical health. Sometimes, the symptoms of stress are elusive. They might not be quite what you expect.

Recognizing these stress related illnesses can help you in several ways. Obviously, they can help you understand the need to reduce the stress in your life. They can also keep you from panicking when you experience them. Finally, stress related symptoms show us how strong the connection between body and mind really is.

The truth is, the medical profession is still learning how connected our mind and body are. Because stress isn’t just a mental state but has actual physical manifestations, it creates a bridge to understanding.

Our greatest hope for this post, however, is just to help you understand how stress can affect your health in the long term. Hopefully, this provokes some changes that give you a happier and healthier life.

Physical Problems Caused By Stress: What Is Stress?

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. –

What feels stressful to one person may not to another. However, almost everyone would experience stress when danger is present. This can be a good baseline for understanding stress in general. The same symptoms you experience when you feel in danger can crop up at any time you experience stress.

These symptoms include an increased heart rate, quickened breathing, a state of hyper-awareness, and tightened muscles. These are somewhat normal symptoms of acute stress. Acute stress is a stress that happens in a short period of time as a result of an external stimulus, or stressor.

Interestingly, MedlinePlus goes on to explain that anxiety is stress that remains after the stressor is gone.

That’s not quite the same as chronic stress, however. Chronic stress defines a situation where the stressor is ongoing. Therefore, something like job insecurity or poverty is a source of chronic stress.

Just from these definitions, it’s probably easy to see how chronic stress turns into anxiety!

Physical Problems Caused By Stress: Less Obvious Symptoms Of Stress

Stress creates a change in your body that’s global. It changes your hormones and affects two of your body’s most important systems: your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Did you also know that stress also causes digestive issues, skin problems, fatigue, body aches, heart disease, diabetes, and even problems menstruating?

There are various other causes for these problems as well. However, if you experience them with no obvious cause, it might be worth evaluating your stress level!

Physical Problems Caused By Stress: The Stressful State We Live In

Stress is damaging to the body as well as the mind and it’s a cyclical problem that feeds on itself. This is why we talk so much about living authentically and choosing the path of least resistance. It’s not about being lazy, it’s about living in a way that matches your rhythm.

We believe this kind of life reduces stress and frees up your mental capacity, increases your overall health, and lets your creativity run wild.

We know that society is always telling us to work harder, schedule more, go everywhere, do everything, and acquire all the things. There are reasons for that and they don’t benefit you or the human condition.

Living in that kind of stressful state isn’t good for anyone. Some will handle this impact better than others, and we often view them as successful. We suggest that they’re really just better at suffering.

Physical Problems Caused By Stress: Being Realistic

We always like to temper these things with a little realism. We know you have to work in order to keep your personal economy working. We understand you may have children or family situations that create stress. We definitely don’t want you to lay in bed all day and avoid any potentially upsetting stimulus.

What we do want everyone who reads this blog to consider is that there’s a different way to live and it’s not as far outside your grasp as you think.

It starts by making small changes that feel natural. The more you choose things that fall in line with your authentic self, the more freedom you’ll gain. Freedom is the opposite of stress, although it can feel scary at first!

This isn’t an all or nothing proposition. That’s great news, right?

Moving Forward

Now that you’ve spent a few minutes with us thinking about stress, what can you do to reduce it in your life?

Maybe your child doesn’t really love their piano lessons and that’s something you can take off the schedule. Perhaps its ok to say no to overtime once in a while. In situations where it doesn’t make a huge difference to choose the less stressful option but you resist that anyway, try going the easy route.

Over time, you’ll feel better and you may even eliminate some health problems!

We obviously recommend CBD as a part of your de-stressing plan of attack. If you’d like to check out our Harmonize oils, here’s a link to the shop.

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