6 reviews for Harmonize THC Free CBD Oil

  1. Sarah

    This CBD oil is amazing! I suffer from anxiety and insomnia, which has caused me to never be able to sleep through the night without waking up every couple of hours. I have been using it about an hour before bed and recently I’ve actually been able to sleep for longer periods of time without waking and has definitely helped with my anxiety ! I’m on my third bottle now and will continue to purchase from Skara!

  2. Kyle

    Ever feel like the darkness is closing in on you? Ever feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety creeping up your spine? Ever looked for answers, yet only found more problems?

    Well, worry no more.

    Introduce Skara — the holistic, organic cannabidiol tincture that soothes your sentiment, tangos with your taste buds and aligns with your aura.

    With nearly a decade of research prior to launch, the product shows its stuff upon first drop. Not only does it have a sweet, tangy scent, but it’s as smooth as a fresh fade on a Friday evening.

    Not a fan of the smell? I’m surprised, but you don’t have to be. Drop it in your tea, water, or any other liquid to bring a calm, cooling, and chilling sensation to your beverage without sacrificing flavor.

    In summation, I live, breathe and die Skara. Without it, I am nothing. With it, I am unleashed.


  3. Viktorija Jovaisaite

    I love it! It’s like my daily doze of happiness;) ordered to try it at first and will be ordering more soon. Got some of my friends to try it as well, everyone loves it and ask to include them in my order;)


    Love this product!

  5. Sammy G.

    I love skara so much! I have major anxiety and have trouble sleeping as well and skara helps me so much with that! It tastes so good as well. I also love that you can use it as a face oil as well because the vitamin E is so nice in there!

  6. Brin Dillon

    I’ve tried a lot of different CBD brands, but this is by far my favorite. I use it mostly for my skin so the fact that it doubles as a topical and internal is so helpful for me. My boyfriend uses it for his anxiety and it’s helped so much. I also use it for one of my dogs that is overly anxious.

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