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What Is CBD From Hemp? The Plant Power Behind Our Products

What Is CBD From Hemp?

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Although most people have heard of CBD, there is plenty of confusion about what it is and what it does. How can such a mysterious plant compound be taking the wellness world by storm? Thanks to testimonial evidence from users all over the world, people reach for CBD because they have faith in its ability to promote harmony in their bodies.

Skara is all about harmony. In fact, the pursuit of harmony and inspiring others to strive for that blissful state is our greatest guiding principle. That’s why we’re here today to educate you about CBD. By the time you’re done with this quick, 5-minute read, you’ll be an armchair expert on the potential benefits of this incredible substance.

What Is CBD From Hemp? – CBD Is A Cannabinoid, But What’s That?

Cannabinoids are compounds found in certain plants. The plants create these compounds, which are technically chains of organic molecules, to protect and heal themselves. Interestingly, some research now suggests that humans can use some cannabinoids in the same way.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids that hemp and cannabis plants produce. Science is currently aware of somewhere between 100 – 150 cannabinoids. Some cannabinoids are psychoactive, which means they produce cognitive effects that most people perceive as intoxication.

Is CBD Like THC?

You’ve probably heard of the most famous psychoactive cannabinoid, THC. CBD is different because it doesn’t cause any noticeable cognitive effects. That means it can’t make you feel ‘stoned’ or impair you in any way.

The reason CBD is for healing and not recreation lies in how it interacts with the body. We’ll go into greater detail about how CBD and the body work together in a separate post. For now, just understand that each cannabinoid interacts with the body in its own way. THC causes intoxication because it binds to receptors that affect things like coordination, perception and cognitive function.

Conversely, CBD works in a totally different way, without making contact with the receptors that influence cognitive processes. That’s why it can’t make you high and doesn’t show up on drug tests – the tests are looking for THC related byproducts and CBD can’t create those.

What Is CBD From Hemp? – Cannabis Or Hemp?

If you’re a savvy CBD fan, you’ve probably noticed that the CBD sold commercially in the US comes from hemp and not cannabis. If both of these plants produce CBD, why do companies only sell hemp CBD?

Again, it has nothing to do with a fear of getting high. Hemp CBD is easier to cultivate, market and sell because cannabis is still classified as a drug on the federal level in the US and many other countries.

By the way, you may see words like ‘full-spectrum’ or ‘isolate’ used to describe CBD products. Follow this link for an in-depth discussion about these terms. To summarize, full-spectrum products contain other cannabinoids in addition to CBD. CBD isolate products are pure CBD.

Some research suggests that full-spectrum products deliver more holistic benefit because of something called The Entourage Effect. However, both are non-intoxicating and equally useful in different situations.

What Is CBD From Hemp? – What Do People Use CBD For?

We believe that one of the best sources for CBD information is Project CBD. This website is dedicated to CBD education and activism. You’ll find an incredible amount of information and cutting-edge research there.

That said, people turn to CBD for pain relief because it appears to affect compounds in the body that regulate pain. CBD may also reduce CNS inflammation while increasing serotonin production. Collectively, this helps people feel relaxed and manage their pain more effectively.

People interested in CBD’s pain relief can consider taking the compound orally, vaping it, or applying it to their skin.

That feeling of relaxation entices others to try CBD. Through its interactions with various compounds in the body, CBD increases the sensation of relaxation and may even ease depression.

The FDA acknowledges that CBD has a beneficial effect on certain forms of epilepsy and now approves CBD treatment for that purpose, via a prescription CBD derived medication.

We won’t belabor the point here, but this shortlist doesn’t even begin to reveal everything people turn to CBD for. You’ll find many more articles about these topics here on our blog.

The Wrap Up

By this point, you probably know a lot more about CBD than you did a few minutes ago. We certainly hope so. CBD is a valuable tool that you can use to attain greater balance in your life and that’s something we built our business on.

If you’d like to try CBD for yourself, we invite you to take a look at our web store. Reach out anytime with questions if you have them.

Until we meet again, friends, live in harmony!

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