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Self Care And Self Love Challenge

Self Care And Self Love Week Challenge

We know that Valentine’s Day can be difficult for many people. Since it recently cycled through our experience, we think this might be a great opportunity to kick off a love challenge!

We’d like to inspire you to embrace self-care and self-love for the next 10 days, starting whenever you read this post. This could be confronting. It might teach you things about yourself. Maybe it will reveal some areas where you need some help. Ultimately, we hope it makes you feel better and if it can’t have immediate results we hope it spurs you into greater action to address whatever’s holding you back.

What Is Love?

Love isn’t just the feeling you get when you’re with your partner. We aren’t talking about the chemical reaction that novelty, attraction, or even physical bonding brings. Those things are really important aspects of our lives, but we want to talk about the broader concept of love.

In a greater sense, love involves compassion, acceptance, and a genuine commitment to not harming others. It inspires us to help, nurture, and support the people we come into contact with.

One of those people should be ourselves. In other words, when you think about the list of people you love or want to extend love to, you should be at the top of your own list.

Love is also a state of being. It’s a mindset and a warmth that radiates outward into the world. Love helps us prioritize selflessness, charity, and positive energy.

Many people think about love as the cosmic force that binds us together as energetic beings sharing a human experience. Some believe it is our very life’s energy, flowing from Source.

You don’t have to go all-in like that to derive benefit from a loving mindset. However, even if you can’t ground yourself in the idea of overarching love energy, it can be a positive mental exercise to contemplate this.

Love As A Commodity

Let’s face it, modern society has co-opted love. They’ve commodified it. Love is used to make us feel insecure, lacking, and even possessive. Sometimes this view of love leaves us feeling less than or depressed.

But love isn’t something to possess and we don’t need others to exercise love. In fact, when we love ourselves first, we often find that others are drawn to us. That gives us even more opportunity to love and focus those feelings outward.

Try not to let the commodified view of love infiltrate your mind and being.

Self Care And Self Love

Self love is an acceptance and a compassionate view toward ourselves. It leads to self-care, so the two go hand in hand.

Sadly, self love isn’t easy. We often have the hardest times loving ourselves. simply being told that you should doesn’t do much to get you from a lack of self love to an abundance of it. That takes a little focus and training.

When we love ourselves, we value our boundaries. We prioritize our sense of comfort and self-worth and seek to find a healthy balance between that and our care for others. Self love makes us stronger and more secure which can inspire true greatness.

Unless you’re new here, you already know how committed we are to self-care. We carve out time to be kind to ourselves and make recharging our batteries a priority. It’s one of the reasons we created our Harmonize products and made them so versitile. We want you to have more opportunities to take care of yourself.

But self care and love extend far beyond our CBD oil or even the relaxing bath you can drop it into. It’s really about treating yourself like a friend. That’s what we want to explore in our challenge.

Cultivating Self Love

Can you name one thing you love about yourself? No matter the answer, know it’s ok to give yourself permission to feel and grow. That’s what you’d do for someone you cared about, right?

It’s ok to start small. Choose something you like about yourself every day and write it down. Take a few minutes to think about these things every day, reading the list and really connecting with what you value about yourself.

If you’re having trouble doing this, pretend you’re someone you know and care about. Remove yourself just a little and consider what others might appreciate about you. You can get in touch with your observer self here if that helps.

If this still doesn’t feel grounded to you, ask yourself if there’s anything you can do that brings you joy. Perhaps you paint and it makes you happy. That’s something you can love about yourself.

Can you think about love being your default setting every day? Embody that love, extend it to others, feel that fully and then turn it on yourself? This can help us break down barriers between our current perception and a healthy self-image.

Could you give yourself a break and set aside time to constructively work on things you’d like to improve instead of peppering your day with negative self-talk?

If you’re struggling with this, that’s ok. You aren’t alone. So many people have fallen out of love with themselves. You might need some help to get back into appreciation with YOU.

Maybe that means talking to a trusted friend. It might mean seeking some professional help. Or it could mean taking a few conscious minutes each day to think about your positive qualities. Only you know what’s right for you.

The Challenge

We challenge everyone reading this to cultivate a default setting of self-love for the next 10 days. Make that love-list if you can! And if you can’t, will you promise to do something by the end of the week to help yourself get there? Reach out and ask for help because you truly deserve it.

Once you’re loving yourself a little more, can you extend that outward and love someone else? Whether you do something nice for someone or just send feelings of warmth and compassion to those around you, sharing love is taking this challenge to the next level.

Let us know how you feel before, during, and after. We think you’ll feel amazing and it’s exciting to think about experiencing this shared experience with so many of you out there. Head over to our Instagram page to see what other people are saying about their self-love journey.

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