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What’s the difference between
full spectrum and thc free?

Harmonize Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Products
Contain all the active compounds in the hemp plant to create a holistic supplement that casts a wide wellness net. Experience the Entourage Effect! Harmonize FSHE contains no more than .3% of THC by law.

Harmonize THC Free

Contains > 97% CBD isolate for a virtually THC Free hemp experience. Through its custom blend of CBD/CBN extracts, terpenes, plant essences, and rich plant oils, Harmonize THCF delivers all of the benefits CBD users crave. You deserve this level of harmony.

That’s how our two flagship products are different, but the ways they’re the same are also special. Both formulas source ingredients from the USA, are third-party lab tested, and give you the ultimate control. You choose how to use them- either sublingually, inside your favorite beverage, on your skin. With Harmonize, there’s no need to clutter your cupboards with multiple products geared for different applications.