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Social Distancing How To Stay Healthy Holistically

Social DistancingĀ  How To Stay Healthy Holistically

Everybody ok out there? We wanna talk to everyone about what’s going on in the world right now. Talking things out helps and hearing how others are handling the changes we’re experiencing can help us feel less alone.

Since the coronavirus crashed into our reality experience, we’ve had to alter our normal routines. Not only is this stressful for many, but it has us isolated. Loneliness and mental health issues are common and fitness and social norms are skewed.

So what can you do to stay healthy physically and mentally during this time?

Social Distancing How To Stay Healthy: Honoring Yourself

Most human beings resist control. It makes us feel stifled and out of touch with our authentic rhythms. However, we recognize that we’re facing something bigger than our selfish impulses. So how do we balance these factors?

You’re probably staying home a lot right now. That’s not something most of us have chosen for ourselves. However, there are other ways you can honor yourself. In fact, that’s a huge help in times like these.

Every time you choose to honor your inner self right now, you reinforce your authenticity.If you need to take some time away from social media, or get together with friends remotely using technology, don’t resist those impulses. The same goes for sleeping when you’re tired and eating when you’re hungry.

We aren’t talking about mindless binging or sleeping the day away. But we do encourage everyone to cater to themselves a little more than usual right now.

Social Distance But Stay Connected

If you’re feeling negative effects from isolation, definitely seek out company using the amazing technology available to us. It isn’t the same as a warm hug, but it can help keep loneliness at bay.

Reach out to friends through video chat, host watch parties on Facebook, and opt for voice messages instead of just texting. In other words, try to simulate human connection as much as possible.

By the way, we have some musical suggestions coming in our following post if you’re looking for the camaraderie we normally experience when we go out to see live music.

Why not set up a happy hour chat with all of your friends to replace your weekly trip to the bar? You can use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to read bedtime stories to your friends, young and old. Teach your grandparents how to use these tools if they don’t already know how. They’re feeling lonely too.

Don’t forget the Netflix Party option, available via Chrome extension. This awesome little bit of tech lets you have a movie night together even from afar.

Social Distancing How To Stay Healthy: Eat Well

Comfort eating gets a bad reputation but food can be a wonderful source of nourishment for the body and mind. If you’re stuck at home but have access to supplies, try cooking some of your favorite meals to pass the time. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment from this pursuit.

If groceries are scarce where you are you’ll need a plan. It can seem particularly overwhelming if your kids are home all day and you need to provide twice the amount of meals you’re used to.

There are resources out there for you, including some cooking and shopping guides. You can look for ‘Great Depression Recipes‘ for a little extra inspiration. To keep things from feeling too scary, you can learn a little about that time period or teach your kids about it while you’re preparing and trying the meals.

Sometimes, it’s all about how we frame our experiences.

So eat with health and comfort in mind until we’ve moved through this global challenge. It’s a great time to add some vitamins and supplements to your routine. Can we recommend some CBD? šŸ˜€

Keep Your Spirits And Energy Up And Move Daily

We want to really encourage everyone to do some kind of exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or vigorous. You just want to move a little every day and may find some benefit to structuring the activity.

That might look like yoga every morning or dancing to your favorite playlist for 30 minutes around noon. If you can still safely get out and take a walk, that’s a wonderful experience for your body and mind. It reconnects you with nature and will help you feel less trapped inside.

If you can’t get out, don’t be afraid to get creative with your exercise. Your daily exercise could just be taking the stairs or using an exercise ball while you work from home.

Social Distancing How To Stay Healthy While Helping Someone

There are many people in an elevated risk group right now because of health conditions or their age. These people need assistance and are feeling extreme anxiety in some cases. There may be something you can do to help and that will make you feel better and more in control in turn.

If you have elderly family members, reach out to them and offer to do their grocery shopping for them. You can leave the goods outside their door to limit all contact. Just remind them to wash their hands after unpacking their food.

You can also reach out to social organizations in your area like the United Way or aging citizen services. They may have great tips for you that help you help others.

How To Start Social Distancing

Before we wrap things up let’s just go over some ways to social distance without panicking. These guidelines go for lower-risk people, so if you’re in a high-risk group be even more cautious and reach out to people who can help you get the essentials you need.

  • Do avoid crowds, especially tightly packed ones;
  • Don’t avoid all human interaction- just keep a safe distance.
  • Do avoid unnecessary trips to public places, especially at peak times;
  • Don’t let yourself run completely out of groceries and essentials.
  • Do say no to parties in person;
  • Don’t forget that you can use video messaging to simulate your gatherings;
  • Do wash your hands for at least 20 seconds when you come back from outside, and regularly during the day;
  • Don’t go overboard with hand sanitizer or antibacterial products. Soap is actually great at grabbing germs and flushing them away. If you wash your hands properly, you won’t need to douse everything in alcohol.

Oh, you might want to wash your clothes a little more often too. It’s not a bad idea to sanitize or replace your toothbrush regularly right now as well.

Hang In There

Remember that this is like the uphill climb before we reach the summit, it’s not a new way of life that replaces how we used to be. We know some news outlets are reporting things like that, but it’s too soon to predict how society will or won’t change because of coronavirus.

This is temporary and, if you’re safe, it’s even an opportunity to try something new. You might be able to replace some habits with new, more self-nurturing activities. You may find yourself reestablishing connections with people you don’t see as often because you’re used to always being on the go.

We’re not trying to put a positive spin on a global pandemic, we’re just encouraging you to find the bonuses where you can. Until then, keep an eye on our social media for a sense of community. We also might have a giveaway coming up soon.

Stay safe!

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