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The Power Of Possibilities

The Power Of Possibilities

One of the most challenging things about living a positive and actualized life is staying hopeful. People focus a lot on practices themselves, but less about the reality of life when things go wrong. We aren’t about that life.

We try to bring you practical advice on staying mindful, purposeful, and positive. That means cultivating some tools to draw on when you’re having a hard time.

We don’t think negative experiences are things you’ve drawn to you out of internal negativity. We also don’t believe that perfectly positive people have perfect lives. That’s just not our direct experience.

Today’s post is about something we think about when it’s hard to find hope. Call it a meditation prompt or just keep it in your pocket as a tool. You can pull it out the next time you’re having ‘one of those days.’

It’s Ok To Not Know What To Do

Eventually, we’re going to write a whole post about this concept. For now, we want to mention it here because it dovetails with our understanding of the power of possibilities.

There are going to be times in your life when you don’t have the answers. This is not only natural, it can even be the calm before a spiritual quantum leap. These leaps are kind of like the gains you see in physical fitness. You’re going along as usual and suddenly you have an ‘ah-ha’ moment that gets you to the next level.

Sit With The Discomfort – Step One In The Power Of Possibilities Exercise

However, not knowing what to do is very uncomfortable. Nobody likes it. In fact, most people try to convince themselves that they do know. They’ll attempt to force themselves to know or refuse to admit to themselves and others that they’re at a temporary loss.

We encourage you to try something the next time you’re in that place. Don’t force it. Just admit it.

In the spirit of the quotation that ‘an empty cup receives things, not a full one,’ you’re going to be subconsciously resisting true insight when you insist you already have the solution. Obviously, sometimes you do just know the answer. During these experiences, by all means, trust your gut!

But if you aren’t sure what to do and you have a little time to sit with that uncertainty, try to go with that. Don’t resist it. Be the pebble in the stream and let your life wash over you, bringing the potential power of possibilities.

You’re Ready To Receive

These states can set us up to receive insight from our subconscious, our conscious mind, and even things and people we experience.

During this period, maintain a curiosity and openness to new information. You can meditate on these concepts, spend a little time every day thinking about your problem/decision, or do some research. Has anyone made a YouTube video about a similar experience? What about a blog?

Opening yourself up to the experiences around you, the knowledge within you, and the experiences of others can spark insight.

That brings us to the real point of this article. The reason this works is almost a universal truth.

In every moment, everything can change.

The Power Of Possibilities

If you’re sitting in your room right now reading this, at any moment your phone could ring. The person on the other end could offer you an opportunity. Maybe they just called to talk, but they say something that strikes a chord within you.

When you move on from this post maybe you head to Instagram. As you’re scrolling you see a post that inspires you, or offers up a job, or presents your next romantic partner.

If you leave your room you’re now open to even more potential stimulus. You could run into a friend or stranger who changes everything. You might see a sign, flyer, or billboard that offers a surprising idea you didn’t think of on your own.

Basically, every single moment, everything changes.

Let’s Math

We’re not about to pretend to be mathematicians, but we do remember probability from school. There are formulas that help you determine how probable something is and those equations involve something called variables. That’s a value you don’t know yet. Just like your issue, right?

Finding probability depends on the variables in your equation. So if you apply this general concept to your problem, you can see that just like math, you’re always changing the probability in your life.

Sometimes, we find it helpful to step outside the emotions of a situation and consider it a different way and that’s why we’re making this math analogy. It’s not perfect, but it’s offered as a conceptualization tool for you.

You don’t get emotional about math, right? It just is what it is. That’s also true about your unknown situation. Of course, you feel emotions surrounding that situation, but you can also go observer on it all for a moment and look at it clinically.

If you’re stuck and your probabilities or possibilities currently stink, you can shake them up by changing something else. That something might be as simple as calling a friend or going to the store.

What If Nothing Changes?

The whole point here is that things will always change. Sometimes they’ll be better and sadly, sometimes worse. But they are always in flux.

When you’re having a hard time staying hopeful about life, because you are stuck about a decision or for any other reason, try thinking about the power of possibilities. Things will change and the next moment is pregnant with potential.

Each moment is a whole new world in many ways.

This way of thinking won’t solve your problems for you, but it might help give you some positivity. It could help you hang in there until something changes, hopefully for the better.

Because we aren’t always going to have the answer. We can’t control the world around us or other people. What we can do is try to influence our state of mind so we don’t stay too negative or depressed for too long.

At the very least, this may bring you some relief. Just remember that you can’t avoid your problems and decisions either. Eventually, you’ll have to think about them again. Striking a healthy balance of waiting, examining, and asking for help is a balanced way of approaching life’s little hang-ups.

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