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The School Of Life: Monday Meditation Prompt (MMP)

The School Of Life: Monday Meditation Prompt (MMP)

Everything that happens to you is a form of instruction if you pay attention. – Robert Greene

We’re kicking off a new series today called Monday Meditation Prompts. Our goal is to give you some regular food for thought and hopefully provoke some positive change in your perspective.

You can use these prompts during your mindful meditation time as a starting idea. Although you won’t focus on the thoughts and feelings that spring from this prompt, you can note them, as they give insight into your current state of mind. Later, you can reflect on what comes up for you and incorporate it into the choices you make about your thoughts and actions.

Although the prompt is for you to consider, we’ll share some thoughts that come up for us as we read it. Maybe this will inspire your workspace in some way.

The School Of Life: Instruction Versus Attraction

We really dig the Law Of Attraction for the most part, but it can get problematic in a couple of ways. The idea that you’re drawing your experiences to you can be powerful, but it can also cause some unnecessary strife.

Things like illnesses and external stimuli that feels really out of your control can be upsetting. Trying to integrate the idea that you created these problems isn’t always helpful. It can actually lead to a feeling of helplessness and that’s the opposite of what we want.

So what is the real benefit of understanding that we draw experiences to us? It’s about adjusting your thoughts and actions and even the vibration you’re experiencing. That causes us to ask ourselves, can we get there a different way?

What if instead of placing ‘blame’ about our experiences, we see them as a teaching moment?

The School Of Life: Seeing Experiences As Lessons Creates Positive Motion

It’s not always easy to see the lesson or benefit when things happen to us that we view as negative. That’s ok, it’s not even really necessary to gain a benefit from the concept we’re discussing today. Because the real benefit here is feeling positive and keeping our momentum.

Therefore, seeing experiences as lessons gives some hope. Can this make me or my life better in some way? If I think about this openly and with a flexible mind, can I see a better or different reaction? Is there a different way forward?

This might feel like mental spin, but if you get into this habit it can really change the way you see the world.

The School Of Life: Journaling About Difficult Experiences

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you experienced manipulation and as a result, you acted in a way that you’re not proud of. It wasn’t in line with your authentic self and maybe it even caused some problems for you.

Anger and frustration would be natural feelings that rise from this experience.

Once you let that appear and fade can you gain any insight about yourself and others?

Maybe you realize you are reactive and that made it easier for someone else to provoke the response they wanted from you. Your response to this might be to take time to think things out before speaking out of impulse.

Can you sense a point in the interaction where the other person felt inauthentic to you? Could this be a warning sign that they had ulterior motives? Maybe you can apply that awareness to future interactions with people in your life.

The School Of Life: About Paying Attention

Lastly, this quotation inspires us to pay attention. While we don’t want to reach a point where we overanalyze everything we experience, attention is powerful.

Perhaps it inspires us to be more present in the moment so we become aware of the energy others are expressing. That can hold many clues to their intentions.

Moving Beyond These Examples

You may wish to apply this quotation to an entirely different situation where you experienced something positive or negative that holds a lesson for you. Use it as a reminder to pay attention and be mindful of what you focus your attention on.

Why We Love It

As we hinted above, we love this quotation because it’s a neutral way to see life’s experiences as outside ourselves. They hold value to us but do not define us. Our life is made up of a series of choices, and we thrive when we choose to behave in a way that honors our authentic self.

In order to live a balanced, harmonious life, we are cultivating the tools to make choices that bring us closer to who we truly are.

Perhaps this quotation gives you a new way to get there.

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