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Thought Exercises To Integrate Your Ego

Thought Exercises To Integrate Your Ego

In order to tune your self-examination radar to a keen perception, you can play some mental games. These exercises will keep your thinking flexible and allow you to practice self-examination without being negative or harmful to yourself. We think this is as big a pitfall to development as an unchecked ego. These exercises will also make it second nature to become aware of ego inspired thoughts and behaviors in the first place. This should prompt us to check in with ourselves to make sure our ego is behaving appropriately.

If you haven’t read our previous article about getting to know your ego, we recommend reading that first.

Integrate Your Ego: Identifying Ego Inspired Thoughts

Most times, your negative or ‘lower’ thoughts will stir your ego or are coming from your ego. Conversely, your positive and ‘higher’ thoughts inspire or originate from your higher self.

Ego based thoughts focus on your concept of your identity while higher thoughts surround universal concepts. Ego thoughts are very specific while higher thoughts are more general. 

Thoughts seated in the ego might make you feel angry, jealous or connect to fear and insecurity. They might feel out of balance or like they’re spurring you to take more than your fair share of the attention or credit at any given time.

They’re less complex than higher thoughts and emotions like love and compassion. They tend to focus on you and what you’re getting or lacking.

The Ego And Attaching To Beliefs

You may find that the more you attach your understanding of who you are to your beliefs, the more your ego is triggered and injured. This is an incredible tool for growth! Meditate on the idea that creativity doesn’t simply mean writing a song, a poem, or painting a beautiful scene.

Creativity is flexible thinking, and flexible thinking isn’t afraid to make a pivot when something no longer serves you. Therefore, the more curious you are, the less attached you are.

Practice this and you may find fewer ego-based thoughts getting in your way.

An Egocentric Thought Or Feeling Emerges- Now What?

Ok, so you’re feeling upset because you aren’t very lucky financially and you don’t have the money to do what you want in life. Maybe you don’t even have enough money to cover your expenses. This is a problem and you feel angry, afraid, and jealous surrounding this issue.

The first part of your mental exercise about ego is identifying this thought. Hey, I’m feeling bad right now and have these racing and negative thoughts. I can trace them back to fear, and they also seem really focused on who I think I am. This is probably coming from my ego.

But I still can’t pay my phone bill. So now what?

Let’s Get Practical

Focusing on what you lack might be your reality right now, but embracing the truth that abundance exists in the world and that you even have abundance in some aspect of your life is more beneficial than focusing on the negative. You probably still have the problem, but you aren’t making it worse by thinking about it in a way that beats yourself down. You’re also not entertaining the ego to the point where it lashes out at your friends because they want to go out for dinner but you’re too broke.

There is really no benefit to doing these things. Even if you’ve been financially irresponsible, there are ways to address that in a loving and compassionate way and still set goals for the future. Your friends’ status doesn’t negatively affect you in any way, so why damage the relationship over it?

Reframe that thought, and try to go ‘higher self’ with it. Repeat it in a positive way. I can do things differently next month to stretch my budget. I’ll ask for a raise at work, even a little will help. If I can’t have the raise, I’ll look for a part-time job a couple of nights a week. Maybe I can even find something I enjoy like walking dogs or selling some of the stuff I’m not using.

These thoughts are far more productive and uplifting. They’re full of ideas and potential. They establish forward momentum and might even inspire you.

Integrate Your Ego: Working With Not Against Your Ego

So don’t ignore the utility bill that you’re worried about paying. But spend as little time engaged in anxious thought about it as possible. Instead, try to give yourself a pep talk and make something positive happen. You may have to venture beyond the pep talk and change something about your current direct experience. We just think that’s easier when you tune yourself toward your higher thoughts and spend less time obsessing about what your ego is worried over.

The universe likes to reward that kind of thing.


One Comment

  1. Kristine
    January 21, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    Yes. Recently, someone suggested I stop listening to myself (ego self) and start talking to myself. It is just a matter of remembering and catching myself.

  2. February 28, 2021 at 12:08 am

    A note to Steven – I expect that it would make things seem strange at first, but the majority of people I have spoken to reckon it is still worth trying.

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