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Skara’s Tips For Working From Home Effectively

Skara’s Tips For Working From Home Effectively

We’re a company that really embraces the remote workforce. The founding team works independently and we count on a lot of freelance and remote help to keep Skara running. Patrick, Bianca, and Jordan all have separate business interests on top of Skara. Collectively, we’re all very used to working out of our houses and meeting with each other remotely when necessary.

However, we know there are so many of you who are working from home temporarily. Some are doing this for the first time. It’s a difficult transition for some, so we have some tips to share.

Tips For Working From Home Effectively: Should You Get Ready For Work Anyway?

We don’t all get up and go through a morning routine like we did when we had to go to an office. However, if you’re having problems with work-home life balance or motivation, it’s a good idea. Keeping your morning routine in place signals to your system that it’s work time.

It’s also helpful when video chats and conference calls are a part of your day.

Even if you don’t get ready for work while staying home, we really advocate setting up a dedicated workspace.

Do You Need A Home Office To Work From Home Effectively?

Setting up a home office or dedicated workspace is extremely helpful when you work from home. You can make it comfortable and keep all your work based equipment like your computer in the same place. Not only does this help separate your work and after work time, but it means you can get started faster when you do sit down to work.

Are you doomed if you can’t create a workspace? We don’t think it’s a deal-breaker. Setting up at the kitchen table and breaking down when it’s time to clock out can absolutely work. It’s really about your mindset.

How Do You Ignore Distractions While Working From Home?

Working from home with kids, roommates, pets and even living alone is challenging because there are so many ways to kill time. You could be interrupted. It might be harder to ignore the dishes when you know you have a deadline.

We’re going to talk about work blocks in a moment and we sometimes use them to plug in distractions in a mindful way. When you take a break, that’s the perfect time for a little housework or to let the dog out.

It’s hard to put your phone away when you’re using it to keep in touch with work. However, if you can separate your computer as a work access point and your phone for socializing, that can really help keep you focused. Try silencing your phone and checking it only during your breaks.

Speaking of breaks, let’s talk about work blocks.

Tips For Working From Home Effectively: Blocking Out Work Time

If you’ve never heard of the Pomodoro Method, your work from home opportunity is the right time to read up on it. We don’t always use it, but we frequently use a modified version of it to increase productivity. It’s especially helpful when you lack motivation.

It’s based on the concept of working in blocks and taking a set break at the end of each block. During the break, you get up and do something totally different. The breaks are shorter than the work blocks and by the time the day is over, you’ve broken tasks up into manageable pieces.

You may need to adjust the length of your work blocks to accommodate the kind of work you do. Feel free to customize things!

Have Power Lunches: Try Meal Prepping

One awesome advantage to working from home is the ability to cook a hot lunch. However, this can quickly eat up time as well. If you’re stressed out about lunchtime while working from home, try meal prepping a little. You can take this concept as far as you want by prepping a whole week’s worth of meals or just making your lunch in the morning every day.

Bianca has a video about it that you can check out if you want to see how she does it, which is plant-powered and healthy.

You can modify this to suit your lifestyle. The bottom line is you’ll have a meal that’s ready to heat and eat. If you have kids at home right now, this can be an even bigger time-saver in the middle of your workday.

Set Boundaries With Housemates While You’re Working From Home

Whether you’re at home with your family, roommates, or have friends who keep different work hours than you, you may have to set some boundaries about work. Be open and honest as well as firm.

However, most of us have some leeway to be there for friends who are having a hard time during these uncertain times. Use that power wisely and you’ll be lending a helping hand when friends and family reach out without putting yourself in a tight spot.

It’s all about balance.

Tips For Working From Home Effectively: Have Harmony At Home

In fact, working from home is all about balance and harmony in general! You want to enjoy the freedom of staying home while still accomplishing what you need to do. It’s ok to enjoy the change in your routine and it’s ok to feel uncomfortable with it too! These feelings are a natural part of being human.

The key is working to change what you can so the experience is better for you.

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