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Using CBD And Harmony As A Life Goal

Using CBD And Harmony As A Life Goal

CBD is a huge part of our wellness routine and we want to talk a little about why.

We like to focus on wellness and holistic, authentic lifestyle practices on the blog and leave the CBD research to sites like Project CBD. However, we feel really passionate about how CBD fits into our world view and our personal journies as people.

We’ve written about CBD and Mindfulness before, but this discussion is a little different. We’re sharing how we arrived at the realization that CBD and harmony are cut from the same cloth.

CBD is, in some ways, like the distilled chemical representation of harmony. If THC is called The Bliss Molecule, CBD is our Harmony Molecule.

It’s a heady thought! Will you join us down a path to explore it?

CBD And Harmony: Skara Itself Is A Realization

We hope you’ve read our mission and the core pillars that form the foundation of the brand. Our pursuit of harmony is truly the driving force behind everything we do. Anytime we lose sight of that- a totally normal process because we aren’t robots- we naturally or deliberately come back to it.

It’s the realization that harmony is a worthy pursuit that gave birth to the idea of Skara in the first place. As we stove to be more authentic we realized that we couldn’t take huge blocks of time off from that every day. That meant we had to find a way to make our working hours and livelihood an expression of our true selves.

The more we thought about it, the clearer it became. Living authentically makes people feel good and the better people feel, the more compassionate and giving them become. Authenticity means acting in alignment with who you truly are. Alignment is harmony.

Boom, so to speak. 😀

CBD And Harmony: Cannabidiol Is Our Harmony Molecule

As we developed the concept that our work, play, emotional, and physical selves needed to express our authenticity similarly, we kept thinking about the word harmony.

Harmony is about being in alignment and cultivating balance. It isn’t a state that you move to, unpack and chip away at the mortgage forever. It’s a goal and a journey that you nurture through your choices, actions, and reactions. You’re always creating and reaffirming it.

If you dive deep into these concepts, you might experience an interesting ring of truth. Harmony is the unifying factor between our life goals and how CBD actually works.

We use CBD to cultivate more peace, balance, and harmony in our physical, mental, and emotional selves. All of these pieces create the holistic expression of who we are the same way CBD unifies the body by supporting areas that need a little boost.

CBD And Harmony = CBD And Mindfulness

Now add some mindfulness practices into your CBD use. You probably already do this. Mindfulness is one tool that helps us experience authenticity and harmony. As we feel more balanced and harmonized, we gain new perspectives on ourselves and the world.

When we’re supplementing our physical selves with CBD, our minds feel more open, tranquil, and receptive. We become better because we feel great. We aren’t as stressed out and frazzled so we don’t snap at people as often. We’re experiencing a beautiful flow of resources and the emotional care we need because we aren’t blocking ourselves off from opportunities or love.

We want to share that with other people. We tend to also share it with ourselves.

This lovely cycle expands like ripples on the water while creating a loop that reinforces itself naturally.

CBD and mindful, authentic living keep us in this state. We feel loving, energized, actualized, and creative.

The Takeaway

We’re not telling you that you have to use CBD to live an authentic life. It’s just one of the ways to amplify the kind of mental state that fosters authentic expression. It helps boost our state of harmony and balance. That’s why we use it and promote it.

Has this meander through our philosophical approach to CBD sparked thoughts for you? We would LOVE to hear all about it. Come hang out on Instagram and express yourself.

Until we see you again, get that harmonious state and flex that authenticity.

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